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The company which ordered the functionality is an Insurance Marketing Organization DFS Marketing, for which WayUnique took the business requirements and performed major customization of the Bitrix24 client’s portal and integration with different existing tools in their organization. Thousands of customers Policies, data, and the money turnover of the company amount to millions of dollars.

Data plays a key role across the organization, from customers’ insurance policies to agents’ companies and their hierarchies play a prominent role in the organization. Removing unwanted data on an hourly basis is the key task that we were able to fulfill for the organization

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The client’s company is using different CRMs tools to manage their agents’ and consumers’ data during which, quite a number of redundant and duplicates appeared. This is inevitable when dealing with requests from agents, clients, and their hierarchies and is associated with both technical features, integration of data across platforms, and the human factor. It was highly impossible to solve the problem with the standard Bitrix24 functionality:

● In bitrix24; there is no standard way to integrate data from multiple sources on a daily basis

● In Bitrix24 we can adjust all duplicates at once, but not when we have multiple sources to deal with


A customized additional feature for the Bitrix24 on-premise edition provides a wide selection of possibilities for Integrating, searching, matching, and merging duplicates. The additional feature does not cover any of the Bitrix24 methods and works autonomously. A new button is used to import and integrate the data and display it for users on the desired entity pages using Javascript, which starts the process by matching, updating, and merging duplicate entries


WayUnique solved the client’s issues with finding and combining the CRM Bitrix24 import, and at the same time created a flexible solution with the possibility of individual revision for any business.

Imports are programmed on a selective and automatic basis, rather than all at once across the entire database. The additional feature allows the user to independently choose the final entity where the data will be used to upgrade, integrate and merge. Such a possibility is not available with the standard functionality;

The additional feature will not interfere with the Bitrix24 framework. Installation and debugging of the additional feature in the form of a module by WayUnique developers is a one-time process, considering all the client’s business needs and processes.